Dressers6 Key Tips to Help You Organize Your Dresser Drawers Effectively

6 Key Tips to Help You Organize Your Dresser Drawers Effectively

If you often find yourself struggling with drawers stuffed with clothes, it might be time to take a dresser decluttering course. Answer these six questions to learn how to organize your laundry drawers and reassess your wardrobe. With a sturdy system, your drawers will look neat and stay that way. Plus, it will make it easier than ever to pick the perfect outfit.

Make a Thorough Inventory

To learn how to organize your clothes drawer, start with a thorough inventory count. Empty the entire dresser and sort it all into piles. Place similar items on the bed or floor. Avoid making edits at this point, which will slow you down. Instead, look at the largest pile, then sort and segment the more. For example, you can divide tops into tank tops, t-shirts, and long sleeves. Make labels as you work. Although it may seem silly to label a bunch of things, knowing all your options can eliminate overthinking and speed up decision-making.

Determine What You’re Actually Wearing

Now you can start editing. But first, make the following four decisions for each project to determine what to keep and what to give up:

1. Do I like it? Keep whatever you really like. You will never forget (and may regret it) giving up what you love. Note, however, that keeping special items may mean eliminating other items to make room.

2. Do I use it?If so, how often?Keep whatever you use and start storing the things you use most often in the most convenient places.

3. Do I have more than one?If so, edit to your favorite or best (for basics like t-shirts and socks).

4. Can I buy another one?If you think you might suddenly need an item or that it will miraculously come back in fashion, remind yourself that you can usually buy or borrow an item.

Consider Whether the Dresser Drawer Is the Best Place to Store Each Item

When thinking about how to organize your clothes drawers, a good question is “Do I have a better place to store these things?” You may need to provide storage space for specific types of clothes (or maybe all of them). Consider hangers and hooks for workwear. Try using open shelves to store folded clothing that stacks nicely, such as jeans, sweaters, and sweatshirts. It may be more convenient to hide your underwear in the bathroom. For your child’s wardrobe, a fabric storage bin is a great option for storing pajamas or loungewear.

Assign a Duty to Each Drawer

A useful idea on how to organize your laundry drawers is to assign only one duty to each drawer. For example, specify drawers for each type of clothing (accessories, underwear, tops, bottoms). Alternatively, it may make more sense to set up drawers for purposes such as work, exercise, leisure, dressing, or seasonality. Use sticky notes in the first few weeks to help your designation become a habit.

Make Sure You Can See Everything at a Glance

Make every effort to eliminate the layers in the drawer. Roll or refold the garment into an upright pouch. Use spring dividers, bookends, and boxes to keep clothes upright. When clothes are folded and stacked in piles, the items at the bottom are often forgotten and rarely seen.

Figure out Where You’re Checking Your Look

Consider moving the finishing touches out of the bathroom or closet and using the top drawer and vanity top and placing a mirror nearby to create a finishing station. Use a drawer organizer to hold brushes, bottles, and creams in place. Remember to put your hair and beauty products back in your drawer when you’re done.

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